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October 1, 2023

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If you are worried about taking the Liquidation or Bankruptcy route with a BBL owing or have done so and are now being chased for a settlement figure and/or threatened with a Director Disqualification for alleged BBL Abuse or have any type of Bounce Back Loan repayment worries, or you have defaulted and it’s all gone quiet, and you are wondering what they are planning to do to you next, give my helpline a call. There are way too many shady, dodgy and rip off Insolvency Practitioners out there, many of whom have been struck off or sanctioned for misconduct, and you and your creditors need to avoid being ripped off.

BBLs and Liquidation

BBL and Liquidation

The Options Available to You When You Receive the Dreaded Letter Telling You That You Are Getting a Director Disqualification and Even a Compensation Order for Bounce Back Loan Wrongdoing Unless You Can Persuade The Insolvency Service / Secretary of State Otherwise

It is often at the point in time when those who have been unable to repay a Bounce Back Loan receive official letters, from their BBL Lender, their BBL Lenders nominated debt collector or worst […]

My BBL helpline has been a lifeline for a great many people, and since June 2022 when it went live I have taken over 7000 calls. If you are in a dark place with any type of Bounce Back Loan related worries then give me a bell. Please help me continue offering the service by making a donation here > or alternatively subscribe to the website here > Thank You.

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The Government Have Been in Touch with Me About the Ping-Pong and Limbo-Land Many People are Experiencing with the Department for Trade Block Strike Offs When a Company Has a Bounce Back Loan Owing – Read Their Response Here >

BBL Wrongdoing

BBL Wrongdoing

Company Liquidation With a Bounce Back Loan Owing – Examples of Directors Found to Have Abused the BBL Scheme and Punished for “Turnover Misstatement” As Predicated By The British Business Bank On Their Top 10 Fraud Risks Analysis and Those Facing No Further Action

The British Business Bank, having expressed their concern of the fraud risks associated with launching the Bounce Back Loan scheme in their Reservation Notice to Ministers days before the scheme went live, were of course […]

Latest BBL Data Dump

If you are in Bounce Back Loan arrears, or possibly in default, or you are heading that way, you are not alone. In fact the figures that are now being released every few months show plenty of people are behind with their repayments or cannot repay those loans. For a detailed overview of how each lender is handling all aspects of arrears and defaults and how many they currently have going through the guarantee claim system and how many guarantees payments have been paid out to them, along with some shocking examples of fraud uncovered take a look at this section of the website and look your lender up. >

When the Insolvency Service sink their teeth into your leg, they rarely let go and will happily slap you with a long disqualification and compensation order if you take the Insolvency route when they are told you committed wrongdoing when applying for and/or when you spent that BBL. Take a look at around 1500 such cases here >

All Lenders have been told to ensure anybody who is vulnerable is treated very, very fairly when it comes to BBL arrears and defaults. Lets’ face it they should do, as the Government did tell you to close/suspend your business, not go outside or you could die and then dangled £50k loans in front of those business owners they had put the fear of God into, many who were understandably vulnerable at the time. Need a Chat? Give me a bell >

Anyone who took out a Bounce Back Loan then dissolved their Company without telling Creditors, such as the BBL Lender, with the intention of getting out of repaying the BBL should be worried, as case after case are now going before the courts and plenty of people are being found guilty and are being locked up.

Never, ever forget, it was the Government who told you to close/suspend your business, then filled your heads with stories of how going outside could lead to your death due to the “pandemic” then as you sat there with your business devastated, and in most cases, in a very, very vulnerable state, dangled a huge £50k loan before your eyes, with no credit checks and no affordability checks.