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September 30, 2022

Please have a good look around the website, as I am confident if you are seeking out Bounce Back Loan related information, you will find what you are looking for. Those that subscribe also have access to the entire website in addition to to my 12 hours a day,7 days a week helpline, so if you want a chat, subscribe here > then log in for my number and when I am available today, you can do that here > As long as you keep on coming, I will keep doing what I do.

With no end in sight to the many twists and turns of the Bounce Back Loan scheme, but with one thing glaringly obvious, that being a huge and ever growing number of them are being sent off for the guarantee claim by lenders, please do check back daily for my BBL news updates, a directory listing each one of them can be found here >

I've been to the Treasury, the Palace of Westminster, Bank HQ’s and even the British Business Bank and chatted to many MP’s and Government Ministers about Bounce Back Loans, they all know many people cannot repay their loans and if you are sat there right now, possibly in a dark place worrying about repaying it, then be aware its not all doom and gloom if you have to default. I am available 12 hours a day if you need a friendly voice and a chat about any type of BBL worries and concerns.

At the last time of checking the Door Kicking Bounce Back Loan Police Squad as I like to call them had enough cases to investigate to last time a mind blowing 42 years. They have however managed to smash in a few doors in their quest to uncover BBL fraud, and an overview of their most recent cases can be found here >

If you are in Bounce Back Loan arrears, or possibly in default, or you are heading that way, you are not alone. In fact the figures that are now being released every few months show plenty of people are behind with their repayments or cannot repay those loans. For a detailed overview of how each lender is handling all aspects of arrears and defaults and how many they currently have going through the guarantee claim system and how many guarantees payments have been paid out to them, along with some shocking examples of fraud uncovered take a look at this section of the website and look your lender up. >

I have put together a range of guides and articles that some of you may be interested in, such as the letter and documents you may be sent out when you are in arrears, or the demand for full repayment of your Bounce Back Loan, which you will get when you go into default. Please have a look through them as they will at the very least let you know what to expect and what your options are at every stage of the “game”. They are all available here >


If you do have a complaint about your Bounce Back Loan Lender then you can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service who will investigate. I have been tracking hundreds of them, some which have been upheld and many that haven’t. Whilst you could be waiting months or even over a year for them to make an official ruling on your complaint, you can see some of those they have ruled on in this section of the website. >

The CEO of the British Business Bank recently stated that Bounce Back Loan fraud and abuse was not at high as first predictions suggested, which is good news. However, each day more and more people who took the insolvency route and left a BBL unpaid or were found to have blagged their BBL in the first place or didn’t use the funds as they were supposed to are getting long disqualifications for their wrongdoing. You will find the full often sordid details of each of the many hundreds of such cases I have tracked here >

It has of course been a very profitable time for many an MP, Government Minister and even for Members of the House of Lords. Take Lord Agnew who resigned over the running of the Bounce Back Loan scheme, would you believe he is now a Director of a high interest rate charging payday loan type of Company? You may choke on your coffee when you discover that firm also bagged a Bounce Back Loan! For an overview of all manner of other shenanigans check out my Snouts in the Trout directory here>

Naming BBL Recipients

You may be blissfully unaware, but behind the scenes there is a battle going on regarding naming everybody with a Bounce Back Loan on a publicly accessible website. The British Business Bank team are against that idea and are putting up a spirited defence. However, those who do want everybody named, whether they have repaid their BBL in full, are paying it back on schedule or are in arrears or default are being egged on by no other than Lord Agnew of all people!


BBL Compensation

If You Have Had Access to Your Bounce Back Loan Blocked, Then Unblocked Due to a BBL Lender Messing You About Be Aware That the Ombudsman Is Making Compensation Decisions Based On Loss of the Interest Free Period

It looks like Jenny Lomax an Ombudsman at the Financial Ombudsman Service is finally getting to grips with the complexities of the Bounce Back Loan scheme, when customers complain to her about banks messing them about.  As this case proves, she took into account, and boosted the compensation initially awarded due to a customers BBL being blocked for a month, and them losing one month’s worth of the interest free period. […]

BBL Compensation

If You Were One of the 3000+ People Declined a Bounce Back Loan from Starling Bank and It Was Due To a Bad Credit Rating If You Complain There Is a Good Chance You Will Be Compensated

I remember that horrendous Friday night way back in the early days of the Bounce Back Loan Scheme when Starling Bank declined en masse 3000+ people for a Bounce Back Loan, I can never forget it to be honest, I cried chatting to a lot of people that night who saw their future business security snatched away from them. […]

BBL Compliance Issues


Guarantee Claims

Guarantee Claim

Step By Step Guide To Getting Your Bounce Back Loan Guarantee Paid Out to the Lender

The cost of living crisis, concerns about the new Chancellors mental health and the decimation of GBP on the money markets after his mini-budget that wasn’t a mini-budget, and with huge numbers of businesses not recovering from the Pandemic, many business owners are now looking to the Government to repay their Bounce Back Loan. As a subscriber, if anything doesn’t make sense in this guide then make sure you call my hotline, and I will talk you through everything. I will now explain how things are currently playing out and will give you an insight […]

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