The Disqualification Files

A 5 Year and 6 Year Disqualification Handed Out to Two Company Directors Who Left a Lloyds Bank and Metro Bank Bounce Back Loan Owing at Liquidation and Using The Funds from Those Loans for Personal Benefit

Maybe one day in the future, someone, somewhere will realise that forcing businesses to close down and stop trading for long periods of time and filling people’s heads with stories of how they could die due to a nasty virus and telling them to apply for a Government backed business loan with very few questions asked and expecting some of those who got one of them not to act in ways they perhaps wouldn’t […]

The Disqualification Files

Another Eight Bounce Back Loans Valued at £331,500 Go Bad With One Sole Trader Blagging Three BBLs Worth £124,500 When Only Eligible for One – Turns Out He Over-Egged His Turnover and Did Not Use the Funds to Help His Business

The guarantee claims on Bounce Back Loans are being put in by lenders at a growing pace, and today another eight of those loans have turned bad, with the recipients of them being slapped by the Insolvency Service for all manner of wrongdoing, here are those cases. […]

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8 Year Disqualification Handed Out to Company Director For Applying For and Getting a £50k BBL When Only Eligible For a £10k HSBC Bounce Back Loan

As for whether people are getting away with taking the insolvency route when they took out a BBL and left it unpaid at liquidation, when for example they over-estimated their turnover to get that loan, well over-estimating by more than an additional 25% of the 25% 2019 turnover figure used to determine a BBL’s value is deemed to be the tolerance limit before a long disqualification is handed out, as you will see in the case below. […]

The Disqualification Files

Another Four Bounce Back Loans Go To BBL Heaven, One Used to Fund a Feature Wall and Bathrooms, One Acquired By Over-Egging Turnover Used to Pay Off a Personal Loan and the Other Two Acquired By One Person Were Used to Trade Cryptocurrency

The roll call of one-time business owners, and some who didn’t even own a business who took out one or more Bounce Back Loans and left them unpaid at insolvency/bankruptcy is growing, and here are a few more cases that involve some form of wrongdoing that was uncovered with those BBLs. […]

The Disqualification Files

Barclays Customer Who Would Have Flown Under the Radar If They Had Made Repayments on Their BBL Even After Over-Egging His Business Turnover Ends Up Taking Insolvency Route and Gets an 8 Year Disqualification

Today’s case shows once again the madness of the Bounce Back Loan scheme, for it gives an insight into a Barclays customer who took out a £50k BBL but took the insolvency route and has just been handed an 8-year disqualification. Keep in mind that a Barclays boss has stated if you did over-egg the turnover but continue to repay you are not classed as a fraudster. […]