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Whistle-Blower Accuses the Department of Trade and Insolvency Service of Xenophobia by Having a Preference for Banning Company Directors for BBL Wrongdoing that are from “Minority Groups” or have “Foreign Sounding Names”

I do have to say that when a whistle-blower got in touch, as many of them have done over the years, and laid the following accusations about the Department of Trade and Insolvency Service before me, I was somewhat shocked. As official figures do back up the claims made. […]

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Read a Signed Admission (I Have Been Sent from a Government Department) of a Business Owner Who Blagged Three Barclays Bounce Back Loans and Has Accepted Their Fate, That Being a 12 Year Ban

I was sent the following by a Government Department which relates to someone who Blagged three Bounce Back Loans from Barclays Bank. I thought I would post it up as some of you may find it of interest when wondering what happens to those who admit such and end up getting slapped with a ban: […]

Strike Off Blocks

Subscriber Special – The Government Have Just Been in Touch with Me About the Ping-Pong and Limbo-Land Many People are Experiencing with the Department for Business and Trade Blocking Strike Offs When a Company Has a Bounce Back Loan Owing – Read Their Official Response

I recently asked the Department for Business and Trade ”When people with a Bounce Back Loan take the “strike off route” with a BBL owing obviously BEIS/British Business Bank block it. Does that strike off just bounce backwards and forwards every […]

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Reminder – The Powers That Be Are Turning a Blind Eye If You Over-Egged Your Business Turnover by No More Than 25% Over and Above the Permitted 25% Turnover Figure

For those of you that may be new here and are seeking information regarding the over-egging of turnover, be aware the powers that be, tend to look the other way as long as you did not over-egg your turnover by over and above 25% more than the permitted 25%. Here are some recent cases which prove such: […]