BBL Complaints and Outcomes

HSBC Customer Drops Himself In It By Complaining He Never Applied For and Never Spent the BBL the Bank Approved and States Whoever Applied for the BBL Had Over-Egged the Turnover – The Ombudsman Decides He Did Apply and is Liable for Repaying It

Another interesting BBL related complaint for you to peruse in which, in the Ombudsman’s opinion, after looking at the evidence, the bank did no wrong. Which does also mean the customer must have over-egged his turnover! […]

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BBL Complaints and Outcomes

TSB Use a Large Chunk of One of Their Customers BBL’s to Repay His Business Overdraft, He Complains Only to Be Told by the Ombudsman Who Tosses Out the Complaint, That It Was a “Quirk of Timing” That His Overdraft Expired Days After the BBL Was Credited to the Account

You are always taking a gamble when submitting BBL related complaints to the Ombudsman, as the person in the following case found out, the dates mentioned also prove just how long the complaints process can be too. […]