BBL Complaints and Outcomes

NatWest Snatch Back Two Bounce Back Loans from an SME – Ombudsman Says That The Bank Was Entitled to Do So But Makes a Glaring Error in Their Ruling

Having had two Bounce Back Loans snatched back by NatWest, a Company Director sent in a complaint to the Ombudsman which initially was not upheld by the caseworker tasked with ruling on the case. He then appeals that decision and Hayley the Ombudsman then reviews it and says the initial ruling stands. However, as you can see in the ruling, Hayley does make a glaring mistake […]

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Starling Bank Sure Do Have a Lot of Bounce Back Loans Turning Sour – Here Is Yet Another £50k BBL That Has Been Defaulted On Resulting in a 6 Year Disqualification for a Company Director

Having obtained a £40k Bounce Back Loan from Starling Bank then a few months later topping it up to £50k, and then taking the insolvency route but not explaining where the funds for that loan went after transferring them to his personal account, the Company Director in today’s case has just […]

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A 6 Year Disqualification for Company Director Who Took Out a £50k Santander Bounce Back Loan When He Should Have Know His Business Was Insolvent and Used the Loan for Personal Benefit

As the number of businesses going bust continues to rise, so too does the number of Company Directors hit with a long disqualification when they have declared their business insolvent and have been found to have committed some form of wrongdoing with a Bounce Back Loan. Here is yet another case of a Santander Bank BBL being used for […]

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Paul Scully the Small Business Minister Has Told Me to Tell You To Complain To Your MP If the Third-Party Debt Collectors Metro Bank Use Start Pulling Any Stunts With Bounce Back Loan Arrears / Collections

I was chatting to someone yesterday who has a Bounce Back Loan from Metro Bank, who wanted to take the PAYG options on their loan. However, Metro Bank informed them they needed to pay one full repayment first as that repayment was in fact due. That customer could not afford to pay it all in one go so a repayment plan […]