The Disqualification Files

With No Accounting Records Supplied to the Liquidator It Was Not Possible to Determine Whether a Company Director Was Guilty of Any Bounce Back Loan Wrongdoing So He Gets a Reduced 6 Year Ban

Here is another case that saw a Company Director getting a much reduced disqualification, than he would have done if he had supplied accounting records that have proven he had committed Bounce Back Loan wrongdoing, as such he got a 6 year ban which could have easily been double that length of ban if he had supplied those records and they proved wrongdoing. […]

The Disqualification Files

After Working Out a Company Was Not Trading When It Secured a Santander Bounce Back Loan by Checking Its Bank Account, Whether It Was Paying Business Rates and the Lease of the Business Premises, a Director is Given a 10 Year Ban for BBL Wrongdoing

Here is another Company Director who effectively handed himself on a plate to the powers that be for Bounce Back Loan wrongdoing by taking the Insolvency route, to which he is now starting a 10 year disqualification. […]

The Disqualification Files

10 Year Ban for Getting a Barclays Bounce Back Loan of £50k By Over-Egging His Company’s Turnover When Only Entitled to a BBL Valued at a Tad Under £10k and Leaving it Owing at Liquidation

I remember one of the bosses at Barclays saying she suspects around 6% of her BBL customers over-egged their turnover, and the chap named below who got one of those loans from them certainly did, and has been given a 10 year ban for the wrongdoing highlighted.  […]

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The Insolvency Service Refuses, On the Grounds of Befuddlement and Then Cost, to Give Figures on the Number of Company Directors Who Have Successfully Appealed a Decision to Ban Them for Bounce Back Loan Wrongdoing

As you take a look around this website, you will see information on hundreds of Company Directors who have been slapped with a ban for Bounce Back Loan wrongdoing after taking the Insolvency route. I have spoken to one person and their solicitor that had their ban overturned on appeal, so I know they exist, so I decided […]