Radio 2 Bounce Back Loan Fireside Chat – Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 Chats About Bounce Back Loans With BBL’ers, the Federation of Small Businesses and Even I Get Involved

Feel free to tune in below, this is a timestamp of the callers and messages received during the show:

  • 00.00 Intro 
  • 01.00Call – BBL’er Steven – BBL’er Struggling
  • 04.31 Call – Federation of Small Businesses
  • 10.06 Message – Simon
  • 10.46 Message – Kevin
  • 11.03 Message – Wayne 
  • 11.46 Call – Paul – Excluded BBL’er
  • 15.41 Call – Mr Bounce Back – (Me)
  • 18.24 Message – James – Now Paying Just £25 Per Month
  • 18.41 Message – Stuart Staffordshire – 2 x BBLs Struggling
  • 19.07 Message – Fiona in Surrey – BBL’er
  • 19.29 Message – Steve in Stonehaven – Staying Positive
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