League of Shame

Barclays Bank Bosses Are Celebrating as They Have Now Been Paid Back a Mind Blowing £1,803.03million in Bounce Back Loan Guarantee Claims With More on the Way as They Get More Companies Wound Up in the High Court for Blagging The BBL Scheme

Barclays approved the largest number of Bounce Back Loans, and as such they have seen everything when it comes to those trying to blag one of those loans from them, but plenty of their customers did experience all manner of problems when the scheme was live. Find out how they are handling BBL Arrears, Defaults and claiming on the BBL Government Guarantee. […]

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League of Shame

Santander Continue to Snoop Into Customer Accounts to Find Reasons to Default Their Bounce Back Loans – A Strategy That Works as They Have Already Been Paid Back an Awe-Inspiring £529.94million in BBL Guarantee Claims and They Are Eyeing Up Even More Claims

Santander UK had a BBL drawdown value of £4,289.90m, and as such were the fifth largest Bounce Back Loan lender. That represents 9.20% of the total BBL’s issued. The following stats and figures are as […]