Lloyds Bank Bounce Back Loan Performance Figures Update 29th February 2024

Lloyds Bank PLC had a BBL drawdown value of £8,540.47million, and as such were the third largest Bounce Back Loan lender. That represents 18.33% of the total BBL’s issued.

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The following stats and figures are as per the latest BBL data dump that occurred on February the 29th, 2024.

However, to keep the true and shocking extent of the figures away from public eyes for as long as is possible, it was decided by the powers that be that the data only covers the actual state of play up until the 31st of December 2023.

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Suspected Fraudulent Lloyds Bank Bounce Back Loans

The suspected fraud figures for Bounce Back Loans issued by Lloyds Bank is £358.58million which is 4.20% of their total BBL loan book. In respect of the value of Government BBL guarantee claims put in by this lender but with the reason for the claim being “fraud” that value is £130.68million read on for details of the additional Government Guarantee claims also put in and paid out.

Lloyds Bank Bounce Back Loans Being Repaid on Schedule

The value of Bounce Back Loans from Lloyds Bank that are being repaid as per the original agreement and therefore are on schedule is £2938.96million.

Lloyds Bank Bounce Back Loans In Arrears

The value of Bounce Back Loans that Lloyds Bank hold that are in arrears is £355.03million

  • Loans with missed repayments are deemed to be in arrears.
  • Loans are tracked in 30, 60 and 90 day cohorts by lenders to manage risk.
  • Lenders report monthly arrears updates through the Scheme Portal on a “best endeavours” basis.
  • Some lenders submit arrears via the automated (API) functionality in the Scheme portal, but it is not possible for smaller lenders to integrate with this functionality so arrears are entered manually.
  • Loans in arrears that have moved to a later life-cycle stage (such as Defaulted) will be reported in the later life-cycle stage but may still carry arrears.
  • At the time of this event occurring, this is an actual balance, and not estimated.

Value of Lloyds Bank Bounce Back Loans in Default

As per the latest most up to date set of figures, the Defaulted Outstanding balance of Lloyds Bank Bounce Back Loans is £103.08million.

  • Defaults are Loans where the lender has issued a formal demand to the borrower.
  • At the time of this occurring, this is an actual balance, and not estimated.

Value of Lloyds Bank Bounce Back Loan Guarantee Claims Outstanding

As per the latest figures, Lloyds Bank has £101.07million worth of Bounce Back Loans in a “claims outstanding” state.

  • When Lloyds Bank has submitted a claim under the guarantee, the loans sit in the claimed outstanding state whilst the British Business Bank awaits/processes the invoice for the claim and runs relevant checks.
  • Under the terms of the guarantee the claim must be paid within 30 days of receipt of the claims invoice, however on average they get paid in 12 days.
  • Guarantee claims can be submitted by Lenders each Quarter.

Bounce Back Loan Guarantee Claims Approved and Paid Out to Lloyds Bank

The current value of Bounce Back Loan Guarantee claims paid out to Lloyds Bank and settled is £1573.43million.

  • Once a BBL guarantee claim is processed and payment is released to Lloyds Bank, the facility is marked as settled on the Scheme portal.
  • Some lenders may be more advanced than others in their claims and recoveries processes which could lead to figures being distorted.
  • Lenders may submit guarantee claims Quarterly in line with the terms of the guarantee.

Value of Lloyds Bank Bounce Back Loans Repaid in Full by Borrowers

Some BBL Borrowers have of course repaid their loans in full, and currently the value of BBLs issued by Lloyds Bank that have been fully repaid is £1149.85million

Are They Jailing People for Bounce Back Loan Fraud?

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BBL Help and Support

I’ve been to the Treasury, the Palace of Westminster, Bank HQ’s and even the British Business Bank and chatted to many MP’s and Government Ministers about Bounce Back Loans, they all know many people cannot repay their loans and if you are sat there right now, possibly in a dark place worrying about repaying it, then be aware it’s not all doom and gloom if you have to default.

Please check out the following sections of the website for additional information as to the options available to you:

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Struggling to Repay Your Bounce Back Loan?

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Arrears and Collections Procedure

This is the arrears and collections procedure agreed between BBL Lenders and Government, that you may find of interest:

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