Taking a Look at Week Thirty of the Bounce Back Loan Scheme

Days turned into weeks then months for many people trying to get a Bounce Back Loan for it was now becoming very apparent during week thirty of the scheme, no accredited lenders were eager to accept new customers, which meant for many, not having an account with one of those lenders they were being denied their right to apply for a BBL.

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Week thirty of the scheme covered the days from the 23rd of November through to and including the 29th of November and below is a short video I have put together showing just some of the many ongoing complaints, problems, and the occasional success story I received during week thirty of the BBL scheme.

Below you will see an overview of anything that did happen of interest and an insight into the many ongoing problems that were still being experienced throughout week thirty of the Bounce Back Loan scheme.

It was still impossible to get a top up during week thirty of the scheme if you got your original Bounce Back Loan with a handful of lenders, as Six Lenders were Still Not Offering Bounce Back Loan Tops Ups for reasons unknown.

One interesting  complaint I got this week was from someone who applied for a top up and was initially paid out then had their accounts locked and their funds seized by Starling Bank due to Starling Bank Claiming Their Online Banking Platform Has Been Compromised by that applicant.

I did also set about making sure some Complaints were Lodged with the Competition and Markets Authority about Bounce Back Loans, whether they act on them or not remains to be seen but at least they cannot at a later date deny they never received those complaints.

I did follow up the above with an article I put together which was the Will the Competition and Markets Authority Help with the Bounce Back Loan Saga? one.

As it was now quite some time since top ups were allowed for those that qualified for one it was sad to see that The Top-Up Saga Just Rolling On and I still received plenty of complaints about the scheme including this week ones related to Bounce Back Loan Top Up Delays Due to the Shared Industry Database.