Week Thirty One of the Bounce Back Loan Scheme

We waved goodbye to November 2020 during week thirty one of the Bounce Back Loan scheme which covered the days from and including the 30th of November through to the 6th of December 2020.

I have compiled another video below that will show you some messages I did get sent during that week of the scheme, and they will show you the never ending problems some people were having with the BBL scheme.

Below you will see an overview of anything that did happen of interest and an insight into the many ongoing problems that were still being experienced throughout week thirty one of the Bounce Back Loan scheme.

One thing that stood out this week was that HM Treasury Start Dropping Hints at Next Tranche of Loan Schemes that would soon be forthcoming, whether they will be as “generous” as the Bounce Back Loan scheme remains to be seen.

There was no doubt that Bounce Back Loan Lenders were Failing in Their Agreement with HM Government as none of them were opening up to new customers as they had all been asked to do.

I contacted the British Business Bank this week with some Bounce Back Loan Freedom of Information Requests and they have replied letting me know it will be on January the 7th 2021 that I will receive them.

I did put together another article on the Current Bounce Back Loan and Top Up Feedback Complaints and Problems I had received this week, which included the British Business Bank “Forgetting” to Update Website Announcing Metro Bank Approved for Top-Ups or maybe they just were not arsed to do so, being as they have shown no real commitment to keeping people updated with BBL matters.

It was the case though that Metro Bank Finally did Make Live Bounce Back Loan Top Ups which finally allowed those who qualified for a top up with that lender to set about getting one, but there was no escaping the fact that Seven Months on and 100,000’s were No Nearer to Getting a Bounce Back Loan.