SMEs Across the Land Will Be Waking Up Feeling Like They Have Been Shafted This Morning – Let’s Face It, Thanks to Rishi and His Lack of Support for Them Yesterday Most of Them Have Been

Having got word that Rishi Sunak was going to announce extra help and support for SMEs yesterday, I knew deep down, as you probably did, that he was once again going to exclude huge swathes of businesses from any type of financial help.

My gut feeling was right and when details of that help, and support was released:

Rishi Ignores Most SMEs With His “£1 billion in Support for Businesses Most Impacted by Omicron Across the UK”

Low and behold he ignored the plight many additional business sectors are facing.

I had my suspicions it was going to be bad news, based on what I discovered the other day:

The Government Are Stuck in “Listening Mode” When It Comes To Additional Help For Business Owners But One Must Worry About The “Business Leaders” The Government Are Chatting To – It Appears “Dodgy” To Me

Keep in mind that once again Rishi has entrusted Local Councils with handing out those new additional grants, but anyone who tried to get a discretionary grant from their council and got knocked back will know how hard they are to get, made even worse by some council employees trying to illegally bag them for themselves:

Having Heard How Hard It Was To Get a Local Council Business Grant I Am Not Surprised To See Council Employees Being Found Guilty Of Scamming That Grant System

Rishi does not appear to understand many additional businesses are suffering including but certainly not limited to those supplying the hospitality and leisure sectors.

Below are just some of the never ending messages and replies to my tweets yesterday which will give you some idea of how furious many business owners once again left out in the cold are feeling right now:

It also looks like one bank, that being Starling Bank are gearing up to act on anyone who makes payments from their accounts and  puts down a somewhat arsey or abusive reference on their Bounce Back Loan repayment, having just updated their terms and conditions with this corker:

One final thing, with new restrictions having been announced in Scotland and Wales, those of you who have been challenging your Bounce Back Loan via the London Law Firm may just have seen your case being strengthened

If you haven’t seen my video update on how things are progressing on that legal challenge, you can do so via the link below:

An Update on the Challenge Your Bounce Back Loan Scheme Offered by Back British Business