The Government Are Stuck in “Listening Mode” When It Comes To Additional Help For Business Owners But One Must Worry About The “Business Leaders” The Government Are Chatting To – It Appears “Dodgy” To Me

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Having read that Rishi Sunak and his team have been in meetings/discussions with “Business Leaders” and “Business Groups” for 10 days as of yesterday, regarding additional emergency help for SME’s I decided to try and contact some of those business leaders/groups to find out what is being discussed.

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However, the first one I came across has me worried that the views of smaller business owners are not being put forward.

I will let the series of images below do the talking for me today, and you will see why I am worried that the Government may not be being told the exact help smaller businesses need, due to the people they are chatting to:

“Business Groups”


Upon reading the above I thought it would be a good idea to contact Whitbread and ask them what they are telling the Government by way of the help for businesses that is needed, but upon landing on their website I come across the following as the media contact for Whitbread:


So, I do a quick Google for Tulchan Communications and low and behold I come across the following:






I then decided to do a very quick scan of the Register of Members (MP’s) Interests and low and behold:

I will leave that there, for now, for you to connect the dots.