Dave Cameron swanning around in Greensill Private Jets Now Boris is Flying Around in Helicopters Owned By JCB Who Mysteriously Vanished as a BBL Lender

Just when you thought you had seen it all, we learn that not only was Dodgy Dave swanning around in private jets owned by Greensill but now Boris Johnson is flying around in helicopters own by JCB, who mysteriously vanished as a BBL lender. Perhaps Tory donor Lord Bamford, who is the JCB company chairman, and whose firm the helicopter is registered can explain the mystery.

The daily mail uncovered the fact that Boris is making use of that helicopter in a story you can read here

> https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9578213/So-going-GREEN-Boris-PM-took-unnecessary-50-minute-ride-Tory-peers-HELICOPTER.html

The Guardian also ran a similar story

> https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/may/13/boris-johnson-took-unnecessary-helicopter-trip-promote-bike-scheme-cast-doubt-pledge-fight-climate-crisis

However, with all this Government covid loan scheme sleaze coming to light one must ask just what is going on with Prime Ministers old and new regarding their penchant for using aircraft owned by those companies approved to lend out those loans.

I did put together and article months ago about JCB Finance and how one minute they were being promoted as a British Business Bank Bounce Back Loan accredited Lender then all of a sudden, they vanish as an accredited lender.

Have a look at that story here and make up your own mind as to just what is going on it is an interesting read….

> https://mrbounceback.com/whats-the-big-secret-with-jcb-finance-and-bounce-back-loans/