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Snouts in the Trough

Alok Sharma’s Unusual Ramblings About Renting Clothes Makes More Sense Now as the Stories are Flowing of Carrie Johnson Twirling Around in Them and there are links to Dodgy Dave

As it is a Sunday and little happens in the world of Government backed loans or grants, I will today be looking at Alok Sharma’s recent ramblings on renting clothes and buying second-hand clothes as a little more information has come to light, involving the wife of Boris Johnson and David Cameron which explains Alok’s possible eagerness to promote such things. […]

Snouts in the Trough

Kwasi Kwarteng Ex Secretary of State for BEIS Now Chancellor Bags a Huge Donation from Helios Investment Partners LLP and Low and Behold the British Business Bank Pick One of that Firms Partners as Chair for their Working Group

Kwasi Kwarteng is Secretary of State for BEIS that organisation instructed the British Business Bank to launch the BBL, CBILS, CLBILS and Recovery Loan Schemes. Well, he must have been giddy with excitement when Helios Investment Partners LLP bunged him £4,500 for his election fighting fund. Then would you believe it, the BBB pick Henry Obi from Helios Investment Partners to become Chair of one of their Working Groups. […]