The Disqualification Files

The High Court Shuts Down a Business After Learning Its Director Tried to Unsuccessfully Blag a CBILS But Then Got a £40k Bounce Back Loan and Four Payments worth £20k from the Job Retention Scheme When Not Eligible for the CBILS, BBL or JRS Grants

As we are waking up to the news that Liz Truss’s phone had been hacked by Russia, another story that will make you choke on your coffee is this one, which shows just how easy it was for ne’er do wells to blag the BBL scheme and the Job Retention Scheme too. […]

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The Disqualification Files

Using Funds from a Barclays Bounce Back Loan Meant for His Limited Company to Invest Personally in a Global Energy Company and Not Providing Accounting Records to Allow the Insolvency Practitioner to Do Their Job Results in a 7 Year Disqualification

Here are the events which led up to the named Company Director being slapped with a 7 year ban for taking the Insolvency route, leaving a BBL unpaid and having committed the following Bounce Back Loan related wrongdoing. […]

Vulnerable BBL'ers

You Should NOT Be Pursued for More Than 12 Months for the Recovery of an Unpaid Bounce Back Loan – Read and Watch the Official Statements / Comments from BEIS, the Financial Conduct Authority, and the National Audit Office

This will be of interest to anybody that has sadly defaulted on their Bounce Back Loan and will help you sleep well at night. Here are official comments and statements from Government Departments confirming that 12 months is the time limit chosen as the cut off point for any BBL Lender or their nominated debt collectors to try and pursue BBL recoveries. […]