The Disqualification Files

Another Case of Estimated Turnover Being Too High Results in a Company Director Getting an 8 Year Disqualification for Taking the Insolvency Route with a £50k NatWest Bounce Back Loan Left Owing

Quite an explosive day yesterday in the House of Lords, with Lord Agnew of Oulton a Minister of State (HM Treasury) exposing the farce that the Bounce Back Loan scheme has become and resigning on the spot, if you have not seen the video of him doing so make sure you do it’s a corker. Anyway, today I present to you another case in which the Insolvency Service has […]

BBL Complaints and Outcomes

HSBC Payout a Bounce Back Loan in Error and the Ombudsman Decides Their Decision to Snatch It Back was Fair – Let’s Hope the Bank Didn’t Blag the Interest Taxpayers Paid on that Dodgy BBL

A rather complicated case today that landed on the desk of Hayley West the Ombudsman, and whilst the complaint was not upheld, it does pose the question of whether the interest the Government paid on an erroneously approved BBL was paid to HSBC and if so, did they pay it back. I will ask and see what they say. […]