The Disqualification Files

Another Eight Bounce Back Loans Valued at £331,500 Go Bad With One Sole Trader Blagging Three BBLs Worth £124,500 When Only Eligible for One – Turns Out He Over-Egged His Turnover and Did Not Use the Funds to Help His Business

The guarantee claims on Bounce Back Loans are being put in by lenders at a growing pace, and today another eight of those loans have turned bad, with the recipients of them being slapped by the Insolvency Service for all manner of wrongdoing, here are those cases. […]

BBL Complaints and Outcomes

Failure By HSBC to Update the Error Riddled Bounce Back Loan Database Resulted in Problems for a Business Owner Getting a BBL From Another Lender the Ombudsman Decides £400 in Compensation is Deemed Fair

It became apparent to many people that the so called BBL database that was set up many weeks after the BBL scheme was launched to add another level of protection to banks against fraudulent and duplicate applications was error riddled. This case somewhat proves that beyond all reasonable doubt. […]