Jeremy Hunt Bags a Nice Donation from a Company That Bagged a CBILS Government Backed Loan – That’s Another Name to Add to the Ever Growing List

You would have thought that having secured a Government backed Loan, Companies that did would be prudent with that money and put it to good use.

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However, as seems to be playing out continually, I have discovered yet another company that being Hawthorn Advisors Limited who decided to bung Jeremy Hunt the new Chancellor a hefty donation.

They got, as you can see from the documents below, a not insignificant CBILS and showered Jeremy with a nice few bob too.

You can checkout my Snouts in the Trough section of the website, listing all manner of donations with links to both those in power and Government backed loans recipients or even lenders here:

Hawthorn Advisors Limited CBILS Award Notice:

Jeremy Hunts Nice Little Earner:

Link to above: