Banks and BBLs

HM Treasury, the National Audit Office, BEIS and Most Banks Do Not Have a Clue Yet On The Scale of Bounce Back Loan Defaults But Banks Are Now Issuing Official Default Notices One of Which I Have Uploaded

With no real idea yet on the number of Bounce Back Loan defaults that are likely to occur in the coming months, all you will see is estimates from those involved in the scheme, however I have seen a plethora of BBL Breach Letters being sent out by some banks, and today I will give you an insight into what an Official Default Notice looks like from one bank. […]

Banks and BBLs

You Will Know How Arrogant Santander Were Regarding Opening Business Accounts when BBLs Were Available If You Tried to Do So. Read Their Official Response

One of the bosses of Santander has admitted that bank will be snooping in business customers accounts if they got a Bounce Back Loan to see if the account is being run as they would expect with regard to certain aspects of the application for a BBL those customers made/supplied, and today that boss gives an insight into how they handled business account openings during the BBL scheme. […]

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Banks and BBLs

Are Barclays Telling the Truth about Problems Customers Had Opening Business Accounts Whilst the Bounce Back Loan Scheme Was Live? Read Their Official Response

I heard plenty of complaints about Barclays relating to SME’s trying to open business accounts with that bank with the aim of getting an account opened and then going on to try and apply for a Bounce Back Loan, today you can find out what one of their bosses has to say on that subject and other related questions she has answered. […]

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Funding Circle Offering Recovery Loans with Rates from 4.3% to 12.1% But They Will Try and Get You a Standard Business Loan On “Better Terms” First

You can now apply for a Recovery Loan from Funding Circle as they have just been accredited by the British Business Bank, and they claim that you can find out if you are eligible via their online checker tool in 30 seconds, and they also claim within 10 minutes you can apply for one of those loans and will be paid out your funds promptly if approved. Good luck with that. […]

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Fashion Guru and Westminster Hairstyle Trend Setting MP Alok Sharma Suggests You Venture into the World of Hand Me Down Clothes and Beauty Salons Should All Go Green

The fashion guru and “Westminster hairstyle trend setting” MP, Alok Sharma, he who oversaw the Bounce Back Loan Scheme, has decided the time is right to demand you all start wearing or selling (if you are a clothes retailer), hand me down clothes, or if you operate a beauty salon you must go green, so no more punk or beehive hairstyles held in place with […]