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CBILs / BBL Lender Allowed to Continue to Operate and Process Loans with Fatally Flawed Online Banking Platform – Did the British Business Bank Know and/or Cover It Up?

With all the alleged cover-ups and alleged sleaze swirling around the Covid Loan Schemes, and with the British Business Bank soon to be under investigation over any “dealings” in the Greensill affair leaving a bad taste in the mouth, today I will be laying out another scandal that has been playing out for months, and no one seems to care. […]

Rishis Rancid Racket

British Business Bank Allow Santander to Only Offer Recovery Loans to Their High Risk Corporate Clients So UK Taxpayers Take Most of the Risk

It would make sense to allow banks to cherry pick their own customers if they were lending out their own money and taking on all risks when doing so. But let us not forget that Recovery Loans do have an 80% Government Guarantee, so taxpayers are backing them.

Once again, all on Rishi Sunak’s watch too, the British Business Bank are allowing yet another bank to do as they please with their Recovery Loan facility, and this time it is the turn of Santander to take the Mickey. […]

Rishis Rancid Racket

The Tricks Barclays are Pulling, You Guessed it, With the Approval of the British Business Bank to NOT Let You Apply for a Recovery Loan

I have yet to hear of anyone approved for and paid out a Recovery Loan, which speaks volumes at just how successful that scheme will be at helping SMEs recover. But once you discover the underhand tactics that Barclays are using to put off or decline those applying all will become clear, with the approval I must add of the British Business Bank. […]

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Details of the “Dodgy Database” I Hope the National Audit Office will Revisit as Part of Their Announced Investigation into British Business Bank over the Greensill Affair

This news update may be helpful to those of you who may have been declined a Bounce Back Loan due to the failure of the British Business Bank, to, in my opinion, play fair and be open and honest to people, as there is still time to get that decline overturned if you were caught up in the scandal I will reveal below. […]

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BEIS, British Business Bank and Their Accredited Lenders and Gobby Lib Dem MP Now “Fully Aware” of the Problems Naming BBL Recipients Will Cause

Some good news to report, my publication of the FOI Request reply from the British Business Bank giving their devastating and dire warnings into the dangers of publishing the names/details of all businesses who got a Bounce Bank Loan or CBILS/CLBILS has caused something of a kerfuffle, and it is being urgently addressed. […]

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BEIS Panic Stricken as Paul Scully Gleefully Boasts About Planned UK Transparency Database Website That May List Full Details of Everyone with a BBL

Bumbling Paul Scully, the somewhat unkempt buffoon from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy still cannot tell you if your business details and possibly your personal details will be splattered all over an EU website.

But he appears very eager that they should be published on a new UK Transparency Database website, despite a dire warning from the British Business Bank that to do so will destroy many business, undermine confidence in banks and may put off those wanting to access the BBB schemes in future, and may even negatively affect the share price of companies. […]