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Businesses Face a Nightmare BBL Journey

Could you please help by raising awareness about the government Backed Business Bounce Back Loan scheme. Thousands of small businesses like myself are struggling to access the funds from Fintech banks such as Starling and […]

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  Thank You to the Following Thank You F/M Appreciated Thank You D/W Appreciated Thank You V/L Appreciated Thank You R/F Appreciated Thank You C/A Appreciated Thank You H/J/E-T Appreciated Thank You A/B Appreciated Thank […]

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Rarely a Smooth Journey Getting a BBL

My BBL journey, like most others has been anything but smooth! Hubby and I opened up business accounts with Starling beginning of May, provided our tax returns and both received BBL’s within hours. Sadly, Starling […]

BBL Diaries

HSBC BBL Applicants Journey to a Loan

4th May applied as sole trader heard nothing,, 4th – 10th May called, called, called, told nothing, 11th May reapplied still as sole trader, received auto confirmation email 12th May still nothing, others getting paid […]

BBL Diaries

Try CEO and Commercial Complaints

I am a personal account holder and business savings account holder with HSBC and first applied on 11th May. I received the application email and heard nothing. I called, tweeted and DM’d HSBC but it […]