Four Weeks in and Still No Sign of a BBL

‘My story’. I’m a sole trader with no business account who banks with Barclays.

close a limited company

On the first day of BBL was told the option to apply would appear in online banking in a few days. So I waited…then rang…and rang…no it won’t appear there you need a phone call from our team…the earliest appointment is the 4th June JUST to get onboarded.

So I applied to Starling, declined in the mass cull as they deemed me a fraud risk despite the fact that wasn’t in the original t and c.

I applied to Tide and Lloyd’s but no bank is offering a business account…so the 4th June comes back into play.

This is just to get a business account not even apply for the BBL. maybe that will be paid in 24hours as the govt suggests…unfortunately it will have taken over 700 hours to get there…