BBL Support Staff Don’t Have all the Answers

I wish I had time!

close a limited company

£17,500 due to go out Friday I have £2,500 left

Quick update- had an onboarding manager call me yesterday to set up my feeder account yesterday evening. Even though I am a current account customer with them- they have requested – proof off address, proof of ID (weird). proof of business address (which is fine)

The on boarding manager also stated that it could up-to 3 weeks for the loan to be paid as apparently the checks take 1 and a half weeks. Application to pay out 2 weeks.

I asked him what checks they would do to considering I’m a personal customer already. He said credit check – I reiterated to him that my credit isn’t great but as this is a temporary account just for BBL this is just a back doorway of credit checking people for the loan then.

He emphasised this isn’t – and would be a soft check over and over again. Asked him soft check or identity check. To which he sheepishly replied – I’m not too sure the lending team would know. I asked him again as he had said they would do checks to open the account up. He couldn’t reply so not too sure what to make of this

Is this all above board or not? Sorry to sound a pain