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Some of the banks and lenders that were part of the Bounce Back Loan scheme did allow new customers to open up a new business account and then go onto apply for a BBL, and one of those banks was Yorkshire Bank.

Sadly, like most other banks that did offer those Government backed loans, they slammed the door shut on new account applications before the scheme ended, but they did somewhat enter into the spirit of the scheme.

They did have a reputation for initially approving loans then declining them based on information they discovered on the BBL Database, however those that had been erroneously registered on that database could appeal and in many cases those who were declined and it was found to be an error on that database did go on to get their decline overturned.

Sadly they did close the door to new customers and decided to only accept new customers who had started trading on or after the 2nd of March 2020, those being the businesses that did not qualify for a Bounce Back Loan.

You can also leave comments on any worries or experiences you have with Yorkshire Bank Bounce Back Loan defaults, top-ups, their Pay as Your Grow options, or the Recovery Loan scheme with that lender below too.

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  1. Hi, I was declined and then i appealled and got the money which cleared all my rents and bills and a bit left for new kit.

  2. My own bank (Santander) who I’ve been with for nearly 20 years declined my BBL application after messing me about for nearly 12 weeks. I then applied with Yorkshire bank and the Person I dealt with went out of their way to help me. I received the BBL and top up pretty quickly and I only have positive things to say about the bank and anyone I spoke to along the way.

  3. My husband got a bounce back loan and shortly after had a triple heart bypass he is not working at the moment we are worrying how we can pay it back as I honestly don’t think he will ever get back to work

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