MPs and Lords With Interests in Government Backed Loan Lenders: Total 42

It will not surprise you to learn that many MPs and Members of the House of Lords have financial and other interests in lenders that are part of the Bounce Back Loan scheme and the many other Government backed loan schemes too.

Once again, I have been keeping track of those that are and you will find them listed in the following section of the website:

I have so far listed 42 of them that we know about, but it would shock me if there were a few others.

I would also draw your attention to the following update I posted, which will give you an insight into which Members of the House of Lords voted against additional protection for those taking out a Bounce Back Loan even though they had interests in the lenders:

Members of the House of Lords with Links and/or Financial Interests in CBILS, CLBILS, BBL and Recovery Loan Lenders

I did submit a complaint about that, for one would have thought, that if they had an ounce of decency they would have abstained from the vote or voted to protect those borrowers, but as expected I received the following: