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Clydesdale Bank much like its sister bank, that being Yorkshire Bank, just plodded along throughout most of the timeline of the Bounce Back Loan scheme, and would let new customers sign up for a new account then go on to apply for a BBL.

They did however slam the door shut to new customers as many banks did towards the end of the scheme, but fair play to them they did let many people unable to get BBLs from other banks get one with them.

They were also fully aware of the problems surrounding the BBL database which some applicants were caught up in and would work with them to get those problems sorted out and would then approve any applicants they declined due to those problems. If you have any feedback or comments to make about Clydesdale Bank and their BBL facility, then please leave them below.

You can also leave comments on any worries or experiences you have with Clydesdale Bank Bounce Back Loan defaults, top-ups, their Pay as Your Grow options, or the Recovery Loan scheme with that lender below too.

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  1. After being rejected for a bank account by Starling and Metro (Starling having done three personal credit checks, including an affordability one, which they weren’t supposed to be doing as of course my credit was pants, I’d been keeping things afloat on my personal credit cards and loans!), I ended up languishing on the Tide waiting list and had pretty much given up once it became apparent they’d not got the funds (yet happily took a 25million development grant as reward?).

    Fair play to Clydesdale, though, they accepted the business for a bank account but rejected the BBL due to the ‘application already in progress’ list issue caused by Tide and then immediately (like 24 hours later!) granted the BBL and credited the new bank account with it after I’d passed on Tide’s confirmation of there being no actual application in progress with them.

    Since then I’ve been really happy with them as our new bankers and can honestly say that our prospects have absolutely turned on this as we’ve been able to utilise the funds to continue with product development work which was otherwise dead in the water after COVID-19 hit.

    We’ve still got a few months to go before repayments will start to be due, but I’m confident we’ll be able to meet that now.

    Thanks as well to you, MrBB, had I not seen other people in your twitter feed saying they’d given Clydesdale a try and succeeded, I don’t think I would have thought it worth continuing on trying for a BBL, due to the negative responses I’d received from banks up until that point. It literally was a, “sod it, I’ll give it one more shot” moment after seeing the encouragement to everyone to keep trying from you and your community.

    Genuinely grateful, thank-you.

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