Bouncing Back Episode 15: “My BBL Lender and/or Their BBL Debt Collector Is Harassing Me, Who Can I Tell?”

This is Episode Fifteen in a series of new webcasts in which I will answer, in around 60 seconds or so, some of the most asked individual BBL related questions to my Helpline.

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Additional Information

I have sent over (with their permission, obviously) to the FCA Executive Casework Team many people with BBL’s who called my helpline as their Lenders were treating them, for want of a better phrase, like a bag of sh*t, and it is thanks to the interaction of The FCA, many moons ago that started that:

Links Worth Checking Out

The Financial Conduct Authority Drops a MOAB On The Bounce Back Loan Scheme Revealing All Manner of Shady/Dodgy Goings-on With Lenders Behind the Scenes