Letter The FCA Have Sent to the Chairs of Several Lenders Telling Them to Stop Trying to Scam The BBL Scheme and to Stop the Abuse of SMEs and Those With a Bounce Back Loan

It is not only a number of applicants who scammed the Bounce Back Loan Scheme, for as the Financial Conduct Authority revealed just the other day, many lenders are pulling all kinds of stunts to keep their guarantees on those loans safe, mainly by treating SME customers unfairly and as such they are not abiding by the rules.

Here is the letter the FCA has just sent to the Chairs of several lenders:

The link to the shocking FCA report by the way can be found on the following link:

> https://mrbounceback.com/the-financial-conduct-authority-drops-a-moab-on-the-bounce-back-loan-scheme/

The Letter: