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What’s The Current “Going Rate” For Taking The Personal Bankruptcy Route with a Bounce Back Loan Owing? Here Are Four More Individuals Who Did That and Have Just Been Hit with Bankruptcy Restrictions Orders After Abusing the BBL Scheme

These four not so bright sparks abused the Bounce Back Loan Scheme in the manner described, and whilst bagging a total of £170,894 collectively in BBL’s, after taking the bankruptcy route to try and get off paying them back, they have been hit with the respective Bankruptcy Restrictions Order. […]

Todays News

Some Bounce Back Loan Lenders Need Thanking for the Speed at Which They are Claiming on the Guarantee to Save Their Customers from Undue Ongoing Pressure When Unable to Repay Those Loans

What a wonderful world we live in, with the figures released yesterday from the British Business Bank detailing the guarantee claims put in and received by BBL lenders, which mirror those I revealed months ago, they prove beyond any doubt some of those lenders are following the rules on fairness, and a word of thanks needs passing onto them. My phone didn’t stop ringing all day yesterday, and it won’t stop today and moving forward, with people asking what the odds are on their lender fast tracking the guarantee claim […]