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BBL Complaints and Outcomes

NatWest Customer Complains They Haven’t Written Off His BBL and Ignored Him as He Can’t Repay It, the Ombudsman Says They Have Sent You £100 Compensation For That, Now Meet Them Halfway and Answer Their Phone Calls to Work Something Out

Here is a complaint received about NatWest, and as you will see, the Ombudsman says the only way the customer and bank can work out whether a guarantee claim can be put in and explain the procedure of such, is if the bank and customer communicate. […]

The Disqualification Files

Company Director Slapped with a 6 Year Ban for BBL Wrongdoing, and the Liquidator Susses the Car He Was Swanning Around In Was Paid for With Company Funds So Gets the Director To Pay For It

The Company Director named in this case is now starting a 6 year ban for everything uncovered and highlighted, and the liquidator has managed to recover, via a 6 month repayment plan, funds from the car that Director was using (which he had claimed was his personal vehicle when in fact the Company had paid for it). […]