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British Business Bank Say That If You Used/Bought an Off the Shelf Dormant Company That Was Not Trading and Bagged a Bounce Back Loan “You Need to Think About That”

It was an open secret that some people bought an “off the shelf” Company with the aim of using it to bag a Bounce Back Loan, in fact, at the time of the BBL scheme being open to applications many people were outrageously advertising them for sale online for that purpose, but with a hugely increased purchase price. As for what is going to happen to those people […]

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BBL Complaints and Outcomes

HSBC Approved a Customer’s Bounce Back Loan Then Decline It Cruelly Stating He Had the “Wrong Type of Account” Ombudsman Does Not Uphold the Complaint Even Though He States the Initially Approved BBL Probably Caused Subsequent Declines

This is a shocking case, for as you will see an HSBC customer was initially approved a Bounce Back Loan but then it was declined, an Ombudsman does not uphold the complaint or allow compensation stating that the customer had a few weeks to apply elsewhere before the scheme ended. When no bank in the scheme was accepting new customers, this outcome could lead many people to suspect that Ben the Ombudsman does not have any first-hand experience of the way the BBL scheme was run. […]

BBL Complaints and Outcomes

Lloyds Bank Snatch Back a Customers Bounce Back Loan and Doesn’t Agree with an FOS Case Handlers Compensation Ruling, an Ombudsman Steps in and Decides Not to Uphold the Complaint

Another rather complicated Bounce Back Loan related complaint for you to get your head around today, this one saw an initial compensation ruling being given by a Financial Ombudsman Service case handler however the bank and customer are not happy so a real Ombudsman has to step in. […]