With Your Continued Help and Support I Will Be Keeping the Mr Bounce Back Website and Bounce Back Loan Helpline Going For Year 5 of the BBL Scheme, Which Starts on the 4th of May 2024, as We Will Need to Ensure the Next Government Continues to Treat BBL Defaulters With the Utmost Respect and Compassion

I have made the decision to continue to do what I do here with the website and via the helpline for year 5 of the Bounce Back Loan Scheme, which will of course start on May the 4th the fifth anniversary of the day the BBL scheme launched back in 2020.

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Year 5 will be an interesting time, with a new Government more than likely being installed sooner rather than later.

We do of course need to ensure that Rachel Reeves or whoever is in charge of the nations finances for the coming years, keeps their word and does not in any way shape or form harass BBL defaulters who have done no wrong and simply cannot afford to repay their Bounce Back Loans.

I did chat to them recently and you will find what they said in this section of the website >>

Exclusive – One of the Labour Party’s Top Team Currently Defining the Role of Their Covid Corruption Commissioner Chats to Mike, Here At Mr Bounce Back to Allay the Fears of Business Owners in Arrears or Default With a Bounce Back Loan

Be aware though, that I can only continue to do so with your help and support, so if you haven’t yet subscribed to the website on a one off basis or on an ongoing basis or haven’t made a donation, then if you can afford to do so, please do, as that allows me to be there for the next helpline caller and helps me continue to report via the website the ups and downs and twists and turns of the BBL scheme.

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If you are already a Subscriber, I have an update on the current state of play with regards to BBL Defaulters that I invite you to read >

Subscriber Special – As Year 4 of the Bounce Back Loan Scheme Draws to a Close, I am Pleased to Report Callers to My Helpline Have Secured BBL Final Settlement Figures of as Little as 4p in the £1, or Agreed £50k BBL Repayment Plans of as Little as £1.99 per Month and Even Had Director Bans Quashed and BBLs Written Off

I will of course also keep track of this too>

Subscriber Special – Final Stage of the “BBL Fraud Analysis Pilot Scheme” Due to Be Completed By November 2025 That Has Been Secretly Tracking Business Owners For 3 Years That Blagged a BBL By Over-Egging Their Turnover or Weren’t Even Trading – Indicators Are Some 537,913 Business Owners Could Have Blagged a BBL