When an HSBC BBL Account Suddenly Appears

Sorry should probably have let you know earlier. Was having an awful morning so stressed for Monday with work and what to say to people about still waiting.

close a limited company

Avoided twitter as it seemed to be putting me over edge recently with my mental health.

One of your tweets popped up on my home screen earlier, so I thought I’d look quick and check my emails/bank. No email but the BBL account has showed up to the value of 48k.

This is based on Conservative estimated turnover for our first-year trading. Minimal turnover as yet through the 2-month-old HSBC business account.

No Echo sign yet but hopefully that is going to follow in the coming days! Do you know how long others have waited when for echo when it has been done this backward way?

Also, I sincerely thank you for your time here and the way you have helped to gather so much information for us all! It is am sure you are aware so, so appreciated by many.

Note: The BBL Account is usually set up and then eventually the money appears.