Waiting for Starling Bank to Let Me Apply for a BBL

Can you help with some questions please?

How long should I have to wait on starling getting more funds from a Bounce Back Loan?

I am on the waiting list for BBL’s and for all the criteria

I was advised by accountant to use starling. I’ve been on the list 3 weeks now

Im hoping soon to keep this business going

I also have tide account but have no confidence in them at all, I just hope that starling can help soon.

Note: Starling are working through their list you should get your turn soon, they are much better than most other banks but not as good as Metro and Lloyds

Note: No rhyme or reason when it will be your turn though, they will just email or message you letting you know you have 72 hours to apply. Forget Tide they have no money left to lend out, Starling will ask you to apply when it’s your turn, which is not what you want to hear but is how it is!