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I Am on the Starling Bank Waiting List

I’ve been waiting a while for starling to get back to me about my bbl. But yesterday they sent an email out explaining a few things so hopefully I get the chance to apply soon. […]

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Impressive Turnaround with Starling Bank

Applied to Starling around 10am this morning – docs approved and signed 5 hours later and just waiting for cash to hit now. Thank you for your tweets/info sharing – it has been really helpful […]

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I Had a CCJ But Starling Bank Approved Me

Hi mate – any idea how turnover is going to be verified with the banks? My company hasn’t filed our most recent accounts yet. Applied with starling at 10:30, I just received my documents to […]

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Slight Delay But I Got My Starling BBL

Hi Mate. Just seen you have started a thread for Starling sole traders. Could you start one for Starling Ltd applicants who feel like we are being ignored by them and haven’t heard anything since […]

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No Messing About with Starling Bank

Hi there – just wanted to let you know my experience with Starling Bank for your followers who haven’t applied yet – I’ve had an account with them since last year. I applied for the […]