The Disqualification Files

Another 10 Year Ban Given to a Company Director For Over-Egging His Company’s Turnover to Blag a BBL from Barclays and Leaving it Unpaid at Liquidation

Whilst the Insolvency Practitioner did manage to secure a payment from the Director of the Company named, it was used to pay his fees and charges and as such nothing went back to the Barclays to repay the BBL, which they will have got back from the British Business Bank by putting in a guarantee claim. […]

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The Disqualification Files

Matching 9 Year Bans Given to Co-Directors For Blagging an HSBC BBL by Over-Egging Their Business Turnover, Which Was Discovered When They Took the Creditor’s Voluntary Liquidation Route

Taking the Creditor’s Voluntary Liquidation route with a Company that obtained a BBL by one or more Directors over-egging the turnover of that Company will result in a long disqualification, if it is deemed to be in the public interest, as these Co-Directors discovered. […]