Success Stories

Rapid Payout Lloyds via Halifax

Not something I thought I’d be saying but I nearly had a heart attack when I checked my Lloyds bank account this afternoon… I’ve been paid! I just want to say thank you, after being […]

Success Stories

Fast Payment for Lloyds Bank BBL Halifax Onboarder

Just wanted to update you, after applying for a Lloyds on boarding account Friday morning (Halifax personal customer), account accepted and set up by 5pm, funds paid in this morning. Unbelievable service from Lloyds. Thank […]

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Onboarding Lloyds with BOS or Halifax

Hello mate. I’ve had a call from the Onboarding manager from Lloyd’s. They’re not taking on anymore applications. They’ve discovered the loophole 🙁 she said the odd few may slip through but majority the applications […]

BBL Diaries

Onboarding with Lloyds Via Halifax Account

Our bounce back loan experience, we had two business closed overnight one was a new business so did not qualify for any help, four children at home one child shielding and two rents to pay  […]