Date Changed for Qualifying for a Lloyds BBL Via Halifax

Lloyds have cut off the loophole of going through Halifax have tried every avenue now my last bet is that I’ve had a response from Anne Boden at starling bank hope they will let me reapply

The banks have got a new trick saying that you’ve got to have had a current account with them before the 2nd of March in order to open a business account it’s absolutely disgraceful the way they are behaving we should be able to apply by HMRC gateway choose in the bank that we would like to go through.

The lone feeder accounts are only open to people with a perfect credit score so if you’ve been late on a payment for something that will affect whether you get one or not it’s disgusting because you’re not meant to be credit checked for a bounceback loan so they get around it by having these feeder accounts it’s appalling.