Starling Put High Street Banks to Shame

Applied for a Starling account Thursday they asked for documents to support opening account it opened Friday night. My Limited company formed in November 2019.

 BBL Legal Advice  BBL Legal Advice close a limited company close a limited company

Couldn’t apply on Monday as I didn’t receive the card but I received the card yesterday 1pm so immediately applied received documents this morning just after 10:30 am  signed money in 30 mins later brilliant service from Starling they put the high street banks to shame.

Last Wednesday applied to hsbc for a Feeder account so I could get the loan as a non customer and I’ve still not heard from them in the meantime Starling have opened me a new account and approved and sent my bounce back loan.

No probs so the rumour that ltd companies that opened late 2019 and that applications are taking longer for them is just a rumour I think it’s just random to be honest and most people will get them if they pass the soft credit check and KYC.

Thanks for your reassuring tweets didn’t lose hope in getting a bbl cheers

I’m amazed how quick they were take care cheers