Starling Dumped Me So I Went to NatWest

I was left waiting with starling with a “we need more info” message in my loan portal. I had been reassured that this was a glitch. I did not get declined on Friday with the masses and on Sunday (after 100+ hrs) I got in touch and asked them what was happening. They did need more info and they declined my application 10 minutes after I submitted it.

I applied for a NatWest feeder account, received sort code and account number yesterday and applied for BBL, I was approved this afternoon (albeit no funds yet) and I haven’t even set up online banking. I have a really shit personal credit rating. Forget Starling, have faith and try somewhere else!

I should add that I am a sole trader and my business banking is with cashplus because it was the only account I could get. I already had a basic NatWest current account.

Update – NatWest paid my BBL into my feeder account within 24hrs but I couldn’t get any access to the feeder account and customer services couldn’t help either. Yesterday I went into the branch and asked them to help. They couldn’t give me access to the feeder account either but, with ID, agreed to transfer the money into my personal account.