Starling Declined Me TSB Approved Me

As you know I am one of the ones who starling mass declined.

I just wanted you to know in case it helps others that having originally been declined a business account through TSB ( I have my main current account with TSB) I emailed TSB’s CEO yesterday telling her about my business and how I needed a business account to apply for the BBL.

Within 3 hours someone from TSB rang today they would look into it and this morning they have opened a business account for me, and am now going to apply for the BBL.

There is now light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel.

I have no idea who you are in real life but I just want to say that to help so many people like you are doing is absolutely amazing and I am so grateful to you

Just to let you know that TSB have approved my loan so from opening my business account on Saturday to being paid within the next 24 hours is pretty good going!

The relief is massive.

Once again thanks for all your help and everything you’re doing.