You would have thought with the size of Santander they would have been happy to process as many Bounce Back Loans as possible, and open up their facility to as many SME’s as possible, however that was not the case.

In the first few weeks of the scheme they were overwhelmed with BBL applications, and many people did complain and had to wait an absolute age to finally get their application processed.

They were of course another bank that decided they were not going to accept any new customers, and as such they did not open their new bank account systems to new customers who could then go on to apply for a BBL with them for the entire life of the BBL scheme.

You can also leave comments on any worries or experiences you have with Santander Bounce Back Loan defaults, top-ups, their Pay as Your Grow options, or the Recovery Loan scheme with that lender below too.

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  1. I had previously emailed you a recent letter fro Santander Fraud and Disputes Operations.
    You pasted it online about the stress it can cause.
    After emailing their CEO Nathan Bostock to complain about the content and wording of the letter and a nightmare phonecall to the said bank I have had 2 emails and 1 phonecall last week,
    they are still refusing to accept my turnover was estimated and using their rulebook pre Pandemic

    XX March 2021
    Our Ref: XXX

    Dear XX

    Thank you for your email of XX March 2021 addressed to our Chief Executive, Nathan Bostock. Your concerns have been passed to me to review and respond to on his behalf. I appreciate you taking the time to discuss this matter with me.

    It is disappointing to hear you are unhappy with the service you have received from Santander in relation to a letter we sent you regarding your Bounce Back Loan (BBL). I understand you are also unhappy with the advisor you spoke with regarding the matter and you feel the letter and the call caused you a lot of stress.

    From my investigation of the matter, as we noticed the turnover on your Business Current Account ending XX did not match the turnover you provided us, it was necessary to contact you to request evidence of this. I am sorry for any upset this caused you and I have provided feedback to the relevant area regarding your comments on the tone of the letter.

    I have listened to your telephone call on XX March 2021 and while I agree the advisor could have handled the call more efficiently, no incorrect information was provided. You advised you were unable to provide the evidence requested in our letter.

    I understand you received an email from us regarding commencing repayment of your BBL and that you have set up a standing order to commence repayment in XX 2021. Having reviewed this further, as you have been unable to provide the evidence we require regarding your income, our Fraud Department will shortly be issuing you with a another letter and you will also be contacted by our Financial Support Team.

    When we spoke, you told me that you accept my decision but if you change your mind, you have the right to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, free of charge – but you must do so within six months of the date of this letter.

    If you do

    not refer your complaint in time, the Ombudsman will not have our permission to consider your complaint and so will only be able to do so in very limited circumstances. For example, if the Ombudsman believes that the delay was as a result of exceptional circumstances.

    You can obtain more information about the Financial Ombudsman Service by visiting their website

    I hope my response has been helpful to you.

    Yours sincerely

    Senior Complaints Manager

  2. Hi, I am seeing this a lot, they are also now demanding information from their customers who took out a BBL if their self certified / estimated turnover does not match what goes through the account, they seem to have no idea that 1. The pandemic has affected turnover and 2. Not everyone puts their entire turnover through their bank and may use it as a float or some such other thing in the day to day running of their business.

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