Sadly SEISS 5 Claim Dates Look Later Than Last Time – Rishi Pulls a Nasty Trick Before Swanning Off on His Holidays – Check Your Claim Date

I have received multiple reports overnight that those who think they qualify for the SEISS 5 Grant can check to verify they are and will be given a date that they can claim online, however those dates are much later than last time.

One person who has always been able to claim previously on the 26th has been told they need to submit their claim this time on August the 2nd, as per the screenshot below:

Someone has also told me they have always been able to claim on the 23rd but now they have been told to wait until July the 29th:

and another:

and even later one:

Another one:

Nearly got a full house of claim dates now, having just been sent this one:

Please check to see if your date has been moved via the link below:

Oh and to Rishi, what a vile person you are for pulling this stunt, utterly vile and words fail me. You have not got a clue how many people are relying on that cash to help them make it through the next few days, weeks or even months.