The Disqualification Files

Businessman Over-Egged Turnover on His Car Business Allowing Him to Get a £50,000 Bounce Back Loan and Made Payments to Himself and Co-Director – Outcome 7 Year Disqualification

The Insolvency Service are still very busy currently, casting their eyes over any businesses that have been wound up with Bounce Back Loans still owing, and here is yet another Director that has been slapped with a 7 year disqualification for over-egging turnover and using a fair chunk of that loan for “personal benefit”. […]

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The British Business Bank Address the Question “My Company Has Essentially Failed and My Bounce Back Loan Has Left Me with What I Regard as a Personal Liability What Can I Expect Moving Forward”?

Sadly, some of you out there are now faced with the stark reality that your business has failed due to the pandemic and are worried about how the banks will address that situation when you cannot repay your Bounce Back Loan, in this article Richard Bearman a Managing Director at the British Business Bank gives an overview of what you can expect moving forward. […]

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Despite the Current Hard-Nosed Approach by HM Treasury There Are Hints of Some Changes to the Bounce Back Loan Scheme Later this Year

Plenty of organisations, even MPs are approaching HM Treasury and Rishi Sunak suggesting a plethora of changes to the Bounce Back Loan Scheme. However, despite their collective current hard-nosed attitude there are some hints of possible changes to the Bounce Back Loan scheme later this year, once the current additional support schemes begin to expire. […]

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The British Business Bank Confirm What I Already Knew – If You Have a Bounce Back Loan with Tide and You Want the PAYG Options You Are for Want of a Better Word F*cked, and Not Many Recovery Loans Have Been Approved Either

My trip to Blackpool to raise some points and pass on some questions to the FSB so they could get the British Business Bank to address them during their webcast yesterday was not wasted, as yesterday they were put to Richard Bearman a Managing Director at the British Business Bank, who sadly had some bad news for Tide customers who are not being offered PAYG BBL options by that lender. […]

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CONFIRMED – Tide Who Are Failing to Offer PAYG Options to Their Customers with Bounce Back Loans Are Sending in Third Party Debt Collectors to Those Who Miss a Payment After Just 25 Days

You have to hand it to Tide; they have to be one of the vilest of “banks” not that you could call them a proper bank by any stretch of the imagination. Just had it confirmed by one of their customers if you miss a BBL repayment they send in third party debt collectors 25 days after missing a repayment, but that is Tides fault for not offering PAYG Options. Here is the string of messages sent out to one of their customers who […]

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The Error Riddled Bounce Back Loan Database That I Have Been Banging on About for Over a Year is Now Causing Banks to Refuse PAYG Options to BBL Recipients and Forcing Them to Default – Rishi FFS Get a Grip Man

I finally get to the bottom of most things Bounce Back Loan related, and for those of you experiencing problems trying to get a bank to activate the PAYG options for you on your loan, there is a good chance that the dodgy, error riddled BBL database that I have been warning the powers that be about for over a year now is to blame. Read on for the proof and let us hope the National Audit Office report on this in their current investigation into the soon to implode BBL scheme. […]