Rachel Reeves Proposed Labour Government “Covid Corruption Commissioner” Needs to Investigate Rishi Sunak and His Wife As It Is Revealed She Has Links to YET ANOTHER Company That Bagged Money from a Government Backed Scheme – All But One of Those Companies Have of Course Already Gone Belly Up

Nothing surprises me anymore, and late last night I got wind of yet another Company with links to Rishi Sunak’s wife, Akshata Murty, that bagged money from the Future Fund.

close a limited company

The Covid Corruption Commissioner, that will be taken on if Labour win the next General Election, and if the the overnight by-election results are anything to go by, a win for Labour does looks likely, will be tasked with looking at all manner of alleged skulduggery associated with money handed out to businesses during the pandemic.

He or she must surely investigate Rishi and much more so Akshata sooner rather than later, as the stench emanating from their “investments” is getting stronger and stronger.

You will find details on that proposed Covid Corruption Commissioner here > https://mrbounceback.com/rachel-reeves-to-announce-a-new-covid-corruption-commissioner/

So far I have tracked a £37,500 Bounce Back Loan linked to Rishi’s wife that was defaulted on, that Company also stuffing the taxpayer via the Future Fund, along with two additional Companies linked to Rishi’s wife that also stuffed the Future Fund for a fortune.

Well now news is coming in of yet another Company linked to Rishi’s Wife that bagged £250,000 from the Future Fund. That is the first Company so far revealed with links to the Sunak’s that hasn’t gone belly up, BUT and this is a BIG BUT, the money wasn’t paid back, instead it was turned into equity.

For reference, according to the Guardian, the link is to a Company called Carousel Ventures, a company part-owned by Akshata Murty’s venture capital firm, that got an investment of £250,000 from the Future Fund to help fund its ownership of a luxury underwear business called Heist Studios.

With the taxpayer now having equity in it, that means YOU are linked to and have shares in a firm along with Rishi Sunak and his wife……

In what some would say is a move to cover up any skulduggery or at the very least the bad stench surrounding her “investments”, that have cost every UK taxpayer dear, and, who knows, maybe in the hope it may deter the Covid Corruption Commissioner  and Rachel Reeves chasing her down the street shouting “we want out money back” Rishi’s Wife, in her Investment Company’s latest set of accounts, states that her Investment Company is being Liquidated.

Companies Linked to the Sunak’s That Received Government Backed Funds That Went Belly Up

Future Fund

  • The New Craftsmen
  • Mrs Wordsmith
  • Digme Fitness

Bounce Back Loan

  • The New Craftsmen

Companies Linked to the Sunak’s That Received Government Backed Funds That You Now Have Equity In

  • Heist Studios

Another Company, that being Lava Mayfair Club Limited, with links to Akshata Murty went belly up and that firm owed Metro Bank £9,099,487, with the bank having since to gone on to experience all manner of money problems in recent days, that firm also went bust owing the taxman a fortune.

Please also have a look at my Sunak Stench section of the website, but not when drinking coffee or you may end up choking on that coffee when you discover what Rishi Sunak’s and Akshata Murty’s “investments” and linked Companies have been up to, you can check it out here > https://mrbounceback.com/category/the-sunak-stench/