News Flash – The Latest Bounce Back Loan Data Dump Has Just Landed on My Desk – Discover the Stats On BBL Write-Offs, Guarantee Claims, Forbearance, Complaints and Suspected Cases of BBL Fraud/Wrongdoing For Each Individual Lender

I now have received the latest up to date data dump related to Bounce Back Loan Arrears, Defaults Write-Offs, Guarantee Claims, and Suspected Cases of BBL Fraud/Wrongdoing.

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General Overview

More than 77% of BBLS facilities are either fully repaid (11.06% – up from 10.54% in the last data dump) or on schedule (66.5%, down from 68% at the previous data dump).

6.1% of all scheme facilities are currently in arrears (but not yet progressed to default) and 1.78% are currently in default (but have not yet progressed to a claim by lenders).

The Government guarantee has so far been settled (i.e., claimed by lenders and paid out by the British Business Bank) on 12.07% of the BBLS loans.

32% of BBLS businesses have used one or more of the Pay As You Grow options offered under the scheme (since last data dump).

Juicy Figures

  • BBL’s Issued 46,641.39(£m)
  • BBL’s Being Repaid On Schedule Outstanding balance 22,223.82(£m)
  • BBL’s Currently in Arrears State 2,293.03(£m)
  • BBL’s Currently in Defaulted State 755.80(£m)
  • Guarantee Claims Put In But Not Yet Paid Out 1,086.21(£m)
  • Guarantee Claims Paid Out 5,809.85(£m)
  • Fully Repaid BBL’s (by Customers) Final amounts 5,375.24(£m)

You may be wondering where the other 9,098.44(£m) not accounted for above has vanished to, well I have been told that is either due to partial repayments of a loan, certain recoveries received in respect of a loan, and loan amounts written-off by lenders, oh yes they have been doing that too!

Suspected Fraud

  • Suspected fraud value (£m): 1,146.10
  • % Suspected fraud of drawn value: 2.46%
  • Claimed on Guarantee (reason “fraud”) (£m): 527.48