Natwest Blocked Access to Approved BBL

I banked with NatWest and in March they gave me 60 days’ notice to close my business account.  I have literally no idea why.   LTD company, correct documents at Companies House making a profit and not involved in anything that I would deem unlawful except paying staff and receiving invoice payments!!

Despite an appeal they did not budge   Giving me 60 days’ notice clearly shows it was hardly pressing    During the 60-day period I needed to apply for a BBL and indeed did so on 6th May.  2 days later I received a decline email followed by a text a couple days after this stating it was under review and subsequently it was approved

Clearly a mistake made by NatWest at initial application as I fulfil the criteria.  The loan was approved and on the morning the funds became available Nat west blocked my accounts being the 60 days were up.

I have complained but they have ignored my complaint about mistakes during underwriting as this delayed the monies for over 2 weeks.  Had they correctly dealt with me on first application then I would have had the funds in my account before the 60 days were up.

Nat west refuse now to allow me the BBL   This is totally unacceptable due to their mistake on initial underwriting and is now compounded by them ignoring the reason of my complaint and refusing to allow me to draw the funds   Beat in mind the rules say I can only apply once this leaves me in a serious situation due to their negligence at initial underwriting stage.   A total shambles.