Mr Bounce Back Website Now Live

Well, the day has finally arrived, the launch of the Mr Bounce Back website. For those who have been following me or lurking on the Bounce Back Loan Experience Twitter account, will know I have dedicated 16 hours a day for one full month now, offering help and support via that community led account and what a great community it has turned out to be.

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Due to the media and much more so HM’s Government still trotting out the same story, that being along the lines of Bounce Back Loans are easy to access and paid out quickly, when many people know the opposite is much more the case, I have launched this website.

The aim is to allow you all to have a much greater voice, for whilst Twitter is a great source of information and a place to vent your worries and concerns, tweets soon get buried and voices may not be heard.

This website is a work in progress but will be updated daily with more personal accounts of problems experienced by anyone trying to access and get a Bounce Back Loan.

I openly invite you to take a good look around, it may currently be a bit rough round the edges, but it is a start and is a work in progress as I say.

Your voices need to be heard, so feel free to copy any URL’s into any posts or tweets you are sending out and let your local MP know of the website too, and any specific cases.

Its Been a Great Honour Chatting to You All

On a personal level I have chatted to 1,000’s of you either via a tweet or a direct message, and many on the phone, and it has been a great honour and a complete pleasure chatting to you all.

You have had me in tears of both sadness and also joy sometimes, the latter when the gates of Hell finally swing open and your BBL’s are processed finally and paid out.

Most of you have of course been in a very dark place and many are sadly still there, and I hope I offered you some hope, for hope is sadly all BBL applicants have to cling on to currently, unless things start to change.

I have enough content to ensure this website grows daily, with an aim for 25 to 50 additional posts each day, however, do feel free to send in DM’s or use the email address to contact me. Obviously, anonymity is always respected and is a two-way street.

The Tricky Subject of Donations

One final thing, I have been asked repeatedly to accept gifts or little donations to help me continue, I have always shied away from doing so.

However, to continue to do what I am doing I have decided if you wish to donate a pound or two you can now do so to help me get your voices heard. Please only give what you can afford, and only if you can afford to donate, as I have no intention whatsoever of putting any adverts on this site or monetizing it in any way, it is free to use and will always be.

One of my trusted followers has kindly added my email to his PayPal account, and donations can then be forwarded to me so as to allow for my anonymity, and allows for me to see who sent them and send out a reply if you would like one. The email for correspondence and PayPal donations is

Thank you.