Misspelt Name Led to Bounce Back Loan Delay

Been a loyal customer of tide for 2 years and also have premium plan. My business has been set up for 2 years and I’m limited.

close a limited company

Joined the list about a week or so ago and I’ve had comms from tide, mostly automated.

Does not look good for tide.

I was reading your article on the new website. (Excellent job) in regards to why might a company be declined for a BBL.

One statement there really kind of scared me off which was changes of directors or PSC. I made this change ONLY because it was mispelt.

Only noticed this when I was trying to join Starling bank and it kept bringing up my first and middle name as the full name when trying to apply. I was so concerned and a member of the Starling team advised that they were getting the data from companies House under the PSC section. My name was mispelt so I changed it and Starling accepted my application for a business account.