Lord Pickles Decides That Lord Agnew Can Become a Bounce Back Loan Bounty Hunter But With a Few Caveats – Read the Rules He Has to Abide By

You are probably aware by now that Lord Agnew, who had a huge big screaming hissy fit in the Chamber of the House of Lords and resigned his roles as Minister of State for the Cabinet Office and HM Treasury due to the Bounce Back Loan schemes failures, which he blamed on everyone bar himself, is now working for a firm of what I like to call Bounce Back Loan Bounty Hunters.

close a limited company

Below is the approval he sought and the reply he got for taking up that new position. Also below, you will find links to relevant news stories about that BBL Bounty Hunting firm.


Barclays Bounce Back Loan Bounty Hunter Gobsmacked At Amazing New Bank Statement Analysis Software That Makes Spotting BBL Skulduggery a Breeze – Listen As He Explains How It Works “My Jaw Dropped”

Listen to a Barclays Bounce Back Loan Bounty Hunter As He Spills the Beans on Their Extraordinary Success Rates (from 0.01% to 30%) in Recovery Action Against Company Directors Who Blagged their BBL Scheme – Are You On Their Hit List?

BBL Lender Uses “SWAT Team” / “Bounty Hunters” to Go Tracking Down Ne’er Do Wells Who Scammed Them Out of Bounce Back Loans for a Share of Any Recoveries – Early Results Reported as Being “Impressive”

Full Details of How the Bounce Back Loan Bounty Hunting Firm Linked to Lord Agnew Purchased an Outstanding £38k Director Loan Account from a NatWest BBL Defaulter’s Liquidator for Just £2,500 and Will Get Half of Any Recovered Funds

Here is One of the Companies That Barclays Recently Got Wound Up in the High Court with the Help of the “Bounty Hunting” Firm Lord Agnew has Become the Face Of, the Director of that Now Wound Up Company is starting a 10 Year Ban