BBL Bounty Hunters

Lord Agnew’s BBL Bounty Hunters Make a Loss By Paying to Fund the Litigation Against a Director Who For Reference Is Today Starting an 8 Year Ban For Blagging a £50k Bounce Back Loan from Barclays By Over-Egging His Turnover

The world of Bounce Back Loan Bounty Hunting may seem exciting to some, however as you will discover in the following case, not every case Lord Agnew’s BBL Bounty Hunters pay for the right to pursue, ends in profit for them, they can also make a loss! […]

close a limited company
The Disqualification Files

Barclays Secure a High Court Winding Up Order Against a Company Due to Its Director Submitting Dormant Accounts, Proving That Business Was Not Eligible for the £50k Bounce Back Loan It Got – The Director, Over a Year Later, Has Been Given a 10 Year Ban and The BBL Bounty Hunters are Circling

Here are the details of one of the 120 or so Companies that have been wound up due to Barclays sussing the Director blagged a BBL from them. Many more Companies are about to be taken to the High Court by Barclays. […]